New hardware could make FTTH expansion cheaper

A new way to solve the “last mile problem” and provide real fiber connections to households was developed by scientists and researchers from the UCL Optical Networks Group and UNLOC program in London as they designed a simplified optical receiver that could be mass-produced cheaply.

Optical Fiber worst nightmares - Halloween Special

Optical Fiber, Halloween 2015

Optical fiber cables transmit data as light pulses over long distances so we can have Internet access and stream Netflix or check our social media. And their performance is really well, at least until an animal decides is time to eat delicious glass strands and shut down our connections

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Fiber optic connector guide

An easy to understand guide about connectors that may help you to get the right purchase

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Top 5: Benefits of Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the use of fiber optic cords to deliver communications signals from the operator’s central network to individual houses, buildings or residences, changing old copper infrastructures to provide higher bandwidth to customers. There are roughly 15 million FTTH subscribers in Europe, 9.6 million in the U.S and 2.6 million in Latin America.

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Top 5 Ethernet cards to improve your FTTH network right to the PC

Ethernet cards suitable to process data through fiber optics cable can go way faster than normal Cat-technology cables, here's our top 5 cards and it uses.

Customers sue Windstream to get higher broadband speeds

A number of Windstream's clients in the state of Alabama aren't glad about the wireline DSL tech that they are getting from Windstream, and they are suing the company in the hopes the company will respond by upgrading its wireline infrastructure...

Yoigo raises top FTTH Broadband speed to 300 Mb/s

Spanish operator Yoigo has raised its top broadband speed to 300 Mbps, in line with the upgrade on Telefonica's fibre network. Over DSL, Yoigo now offers a top speed of 30 Mbps, under its Fusion quad-play plans...


C Spire win award for 1GB FTTH Internet expansion

C Spire's video-friendly, ultra-high speed 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home Internet technology initiative in Mississippi has received the 2015 Star Award from the FTTH Council for helping promote the expansion of consumer broadband access in the US...

22 towns authorize $34.5M for fiber. 6,700+ deposits on service

After creating a telecommunications coop to bring broadband to rural communities in Western Mass, and completing four years of planning, WiredWest member towns have signaled they’re ready to move forward with a regional fiber-optic network...