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This is why Cloud Computing requires fiber optic broadband

Cloud computing means storing and accessing data and programs over the Internet instead of your computer’s hard drive. It allows for customers and businesses to use services and softwares without having to build, run and maintain the serves in-house. Therefore, in this case, the word “cloud” is used as a metaphor for “the Internet”.

What is a fiber optic coupler and how to properly choose it?

The relevance of fiber optic couplers, also called adapters, is constantly eclipsed by connectors, but the truth is that they are a critical element in fiber optic links and systems and play a serious role in the connection performance.

Reseachers discovered new form of light

Physics have just discovered a new form of light where the angular momentum of each photon takes only half of the value of Planck’s constant, changing our current understating of electromagnetic radiation which could lead to faster and more secure internet connections through optical fibers.

New hardware could make FTTH expansion cheaper

A new way to solve the “last mile problem” and provide real fiber connections to households was developed by scientists and researchers from the UCL Optical Networks Group and UNLOC program in London as they designed a simplified optical receiver that could be mass-produced cheaply.

What you need to know PC, UPC and APC connectors

Singlemode connectors have several categories, but APC and UPC are the ones used in most applications. Have you ever wondered what the difference between them is, besides APC connectors are green and UPCs are typically blue?

Stunning photos of Google’s data center located in Oregon

Back in 2005, Google decided to build a really large data center in The Dalles, Oregon, putting this small town on the spotlight. The capability to use hydroelectric technology and the fresh weather made Oregon’s hills and snowy peaks next to the Columbia River the perfect spot to locate Google’s farms.

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Google is bringing free Gigabit Internet to public housing properties

Today, the company started rolling out free gigabit Internet in its fiber Fiber market , Kansas City, and announced that they’ll bring this initiative to all the cities where Google Fiber is offered.

Microsofts is throwing data centers underwater

Redmond’s Giant revealed Project Natick: scientists built a data center inside a capsule named Leona Philpot and thrown it 30 feet underwater off the California shore for about four months, just to see how it worked. And it did it like a charm.

What is Dark Fiber?

What is Dark Fiber

You surely have listened the term “dark fiber” and wonder what it is about. The term refers to optical fiber infrastructure that hasn’t been lit yet, meaning it is installed but it isn’t being used.