Stunning photos of Google’s data center located in Oregon

Back in 2005, Google decided to build a really large data center in The Dalles, Oregon, putting this small town on the spotlight. The capability to use hydroelectric technology and the fresh weather made Oregon’s hills and snowy peaks next to the Columbia River the perfect spot to locate Google’s farms.

February 11, 2016 by

Microsofts is throwing data centers underwater

Redmond’s Giant revealed Project Natick: scientists built a data center inside a capsule named Leona Philpot and thrown it 30 feet underwater off the California shore for about four months, just to see how it worked. And it did it like a charm.

Top 5: Star Wars tech that could have worked with optical fiber

In a galaxy far, far away technologies that were ahead of its time that inspired kids to become scientist or engineers in order to create the amazing gadgets they watched in the movies. Some of the devices already exist, others are being developed and, though in varying degrees, optical fiber has played a role on their creation.

The first floating data center is under construction

Nautilus Data Technologies, a next generation data center infrastructure company, announced it will build its first commercial data center that it is going to be located in a barge. CEO Arnold Magcale considers this groundbreaking design is safer and cheaper to operate.

November 27, 2015 by