Stunning photos of Google’s data center located in Oregon

Back in 2005, Google decided to build a really large data center in The Dalles, Oregon, putting this small town on the spotlight. The capability to use hydroelectric technology and the fresh weather made Oregon’s hills and snowy peaks next to the Columbia River the perfect spot to locate Google’s farms.

In order to follow Google’s ecological thinking, employees decided to plant an orchard in the facility outers.

Blue pipes carry cold water into the facilities and red pipes take hot water out.

Cables are colored too in order to reduce technicalities. It is easier to say “Hand me the blue cable” than give specifications.

For more than ten years, Google has been building the most powerful servers of the world. In the picture, a worker is diagnosing an overheating.

When a piece from any server stops working, Google’s employees try to repair it. But when it can’t be fixed, they disassemble it into its raw materials like steel, copper or plastic and then recycle them.

Water steam that emerges from the facilities creates a subtle mist at night.

When this water steam columns can be seen, it means Google’s refrigeration towers are working properly, because humidity and temperatures are low.

Googles employees take advantage of the facility location by doing rafting, windsurf and trekking in the Columbia River.

When a room is empty, movement sensors turn off the light in order to save energy.

This Google’s data center is located among Oregon’s hills. Google uses 50% less than the average energy consumed by this kid of facilities. The use renewable energy and reduce CO2 emissions, so their environmental impact is almost unperceivable.

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