What is Fiber to the Antenna (FTTA) and why does it matter?

FTTA is a broadband network architecture in which the high frequency and power electronics are taken from the based station and located at a remote radio-head (RRH), a based fiber optic system that converts digital signals into analog, close to the antenna and fiber optic is used to join the RRH to the base station in new and old antennas.

Beyondtech launches the first of a series of free publications

In order to show our commitment with the telecommunication field and people who works or is looking forward to work at it, Beyondtech decided to launch a series of publications related with optical fiber technical procedures, to help apprentices and aficionados to improve their techniques and learn everything they can about this amazing topic.

Top 5: Star Wars tech that could have worked with optical fiber

In a galaxy far, far away technologies that were ahead of its time that inspired kids to become scientist or engineers in order to create the amazing gadgets they watched in the movies. Some of the devices already exist, others are being developed and, though in varying degrees, optical fiber has played a role on their creation.

This is how Facebook data looks inside

Tech Insider had access to a Facebook data center in Lulea, Sweeden.

December 15, 2015 by

How will fiber optics save the world?

Technology is often created to improve our life, making it easier and better, but sometimes progresses affect our world, this is why telecom department is getting greener and greener replacing old school copper wired with fiber optic technologies.


Top 5 Ethernet cards to improve your FTTH network right to the PC

Ethernet cards suitable to process data through fiber optics cable can go way faster than normal Cat-technology cables, here's our top 5 cards and it uses.

Difference between singlemode and multimode fiber

Optic fiber bases its velocity on the speed at which these beams of light travel from one point to another. There are two types of fiber cables that are commonly used it, singlemode and multimode.

SK Telecom to launch a LTE test network in the ocean

SK Telecom, South Korea's biggest telco, is planning a test network for maritime communications using Long Term Evolution. This supports high-speed wireless telecommunications on ships located approximately 60 miles from shore.

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