Top 5: Benefits of Fiber To The Home (FTTH)

FTTH: Top 5: Benefits of Fiber To The Home

Fiber To The Home (FTTH) is the use of fiber optic cords to deliver communications signals from the operator’s central network to individual houses, buildings or residences, changing old copper infrastructures to provide higher bandwidth to customers. There are roughly 15 million FTTH subscribers in Europe, 9.6 million in the U.S and 2.6 million in Latin America.

And we’re are going to tell you FTTH benefits

  • Internet at the speed of light 

A fiber optic cable is made of several hair thin strands made of glass or plastic that carry information over light pulses, moving data in high speeds and over long distances with little signal loss.  With a fiber optic network you can get from 100 Mbps up to 1 GBps, allowing you to download that 2-hour high definition movie you really want to watch in minutes or even seconds!

  • Trust your connection


Because fiber optic cables conductors are made of glass, they don’t generate electricity and close power-lines can’t cause any interference. FTTH Council assures that nothing can hurt a fiber optic network, except a physical cut or the destruction of the building it's in. So, don’t worry. Your connection is not going to drop while you’re watching your favorite Netflix series.



  • Easier than you think


FTTH council also says that fiber optic cables are upgrade by changing the technologies that create the light pulses and not by replacing the cables. Thus, if you install a fiber-optic network you don’t have to be concerned about changing it, because fiber optic is future-proof.

  • Increases your home value 

When people wants to buy a house they look for it to be in a safe neighborhood, near to good schools and obviously access to a fast Internet service, they are willing to pay 8% above market prices to buy houses with high speed connections. Fiber optic Internet adds at least $5.000 to the value of a $300.000 house.

  • Places you can’t imagine 

Since fiber optic cables don’t conduct electricity, they don’t have the need for grounding and they are very resistant to atmospheric conditions, therefore they can be installed outdoors with no risk of being struck by a lightning or damaged by water or chemicals. This is great for FTTH since you can go to places you can't imagine.



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