Yoigo raises top FTTH Broadband speed to 300 Mb/s

Spanish operator Yoigo has raised its top broadband speed to 300 Mbps, in line with the upgrade on Telefonica's fibre network. Over DSL, Yoigo now offers a top speed of 30 Mbps, under its Fusion quad-play plans. The Yoigo offer with 300 Mbps fixed broadband, as well as a fixed line and mobile voice and broadband package costs EUR 74.39 or 82.20 US$ per month.

Source: Yoigo

Telefonica increased the top speed on its FTTH network to 300 Mbps in early May, and resellers on its network are now doing the same. Vodafone also started offering 300 Mbps. Its fibre offer with fixed and mobile broadband and voice costs EUR 57.60 or 63.60 USD per month and comes with its basic TV package free until the end of the year.

Customers subscribing online receive a 20 percent discount the first three months. Orange and Jazztel still offer a top fibre speed of only 200 Mbps. 

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