C Spire win award for 1GB FTTH Internet expansion

C Spire's video-friendly, ultra-high speed 1Gbps fibre-to-the-home Internet technology initiative in Mississippi has received the 2015 Star Award from the FTTH Council for helping promote the expansion of consumer broadband access in the US, information obtained by Rapid Tv News.

The award follows C Spire's commercial launch of 100-times faster Internet access and related services in three Mississippi cities last autumn, which paves the way for over-the-top (OTT) video streaming to multiple screens in the home simultaneously, HD gaming and other bandwidth-intensive, real-time applications.

Source: C Spire Youtube Channel

"Mississippi is home to the nation's first statewide Gigabit speed FTTH project,” said FTTH Council president Heather Burnett Gold. “That's a terrific accomplishment and one that puts the Magnolia State at the forefront of a growing trend of empowered communities across the nation.”

The Ridgeland-based telecom and technology services company turned up service in its fourth city earlier this month and is on track to activate FTTH services in three additional cities by the end of this year.  

"Cspire and its partner cities have moved quickly and with purpose to deftly chart the state's broadband future," Gold added. "This is real progress and is due in large part to a unique public-private partnership that uses powerful and positive technological improvements to lift up communities and empower citizens to build better lives. The energy, enthusiasm and excitement among consumers across Mississippi for Gigabit services is palpable."

Source: Rapid Tv News

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