HS Code Fiber Optic Cable Classification: A Comprehensive Guide

Accurately classifying fiber optic products under the Harmonized System (HS) is crucial for businesses and customs authorities worldwide. This article aims to demystify the HS Code classification for fiber optics products, providing a foundation for better understanding and compliance.

March 21, 2024 by Luis Cardenas

The Ultimate Guide to xWDM: Revolutionizing Fiber Optic Communications

Dive deep into the world of xWDM, the pioneering technology enabling multiple signals over the same fiber, transforming telecommunications and setting new benchmarks for efficiency and scalability.

March 07, 2024 by Nelson Pineda

Fiber Patch Cables and Fiber Patch Cords: Are different? what about the pigtails: Fiber 101

In the ever-evolving landscape of networking and telecommunications, the use of fiber optics has become indispensable for achieving high-speed and reliable data transmissions. Two terms that often emerge in discussions about fiber optics are "fiber patch cables" and "fiber patch cords." While these terms might sound interchangeable, they actually refer to distinct components with specific functionalities. In this article, we will delve into the differences between fiber patch cables and fiber patch cords to provide a comprehensive understanding of their roles in modern communication systems.

January 13, 2024 by Luis Cardenas

Understanding the Versatility of Patch Cables in Fiber Optic Networks

In the rapidly evolving world of telecommunications and networking, fiber optic cables have become the backbone of seamless data transmission. To ensure optimal performance, a robust connection is crucial. Enter the patch cable – also known as a jumper cable or patch cord – a staple component in fiber optic networks. In this article, we will explore the multifaceted applications of patch cables, backed by relevant statistics and diverse perspectives, to shed light on their critical role in modern connectivity.

January 08, 2024 by Luis Cardenas

Can fiber optic cable be spliced (Splice)? - Decoding Fiber Optics Series

can fiber optic cable be spliced

As the Chief Operating Officer of Beyondtech, a trailblazer in the telecommunications sector, I embark on a meticulous exploration of fiber optic cable splicing, aiming to provide an in-depth analysis backed by data from official sources. This comprehensive discussion delves into the intricacies of the splicing process, incorporating technical details, insertion loss metrics, and distance-related challenges, all supported by authoritative figures.

January 06, 2024 by Luis Cardenas

Beyondtech Products Featured on Metoree.com

We are thrilled to announce that Beyondtech products are now being featured on metoree.com. This collaboration is a testament to the quality and reliability of Beyondtech's fiber optic cables, adapters, and patch cables.

September 19, 2023 by Luis Cardenas

Small But Mighty: The benefits of SFP (Transceiver) high-density devices for faster and more efficient networking

As network demands continue to increase, SFP high-density devices are becoming a popular option for network administrators searching for efficient and cost-effective equipment solutions. These devices offer greater port density, flexible connectivity, and the ability to future-proof investments. In this article, we'll explore the benefits of high-density SFP devices and what to keep in mind when choosing them for your network infrastructure.

May 04, 2023 by

Optical Fiber Curing 101: From Epoxi to UV.

The optic fiber cables need to be protected with coating materials like acrylate polymer or polyimide and cured either with UV light or heat used in a specific oven made to cure the optic fiber cables.

March 10, 2022 by Nelson Pineda

The future of FTTH in Europe

People from all over the world need to connect to the Internet more frequently and more urgently than ever before.

August 09, 2021 by Nelson Pineda

OM Cables: Essential pieces of equipment in Telecom

When dealing with Fiber Optics cables, the plethora of available options can certainly be overwhelming. There are just so many types of cables that one could get lost amongst that vast diversity.

June 30, 2021 by Luis Cardenas