Reading Recs for Beginners to Fiber Optics

These days, staying connected to the Internet is essential for our daily activities, from work and study to entertainment and play. One of the most important developments in Internet connectivity is the rise of fiber optics. According to findings from Grand View Research, the global fiber optics market was valued at $8.76 billion in 2022. Market researchers expect further growth at a compound annual growth rate of 6.9% between 2023 and 2030.

In recent years, fiber optics technology has been constantly improved upon and developed, with extensive and rigorous studies conducted by researchers and scientists worldwide. More and more connector manufacturers are expanding their offerings to establish fiber optic connections that are highly protected and precisely aligned.

Meanwhile, businesses also contribute to continued innovation in fiber networks to reduce operations and maintenance and optical distribution network construction and costs. Likewise, more and more government initiatives for fiber optic cable deployment are also contributing to significant market growth.

Whether you're a business looking to integrate fiber optic connections into your infrastructure, looking into fiber optics for home use, or are a general enthusiast, there are many ways to learn more about fiber optics. Alternatively, if you're looking to educate a friend or family member about developments in fiber optics, there's an abundance of online resources for you to share and recommend. Ebook subscription platform Everand is home to many qualified bestsellers for topics ranging from finance to digital technology. Chris Miller's Chip War is one of the bestsellers available on the website, likening computers and microchips to the new oil. At the same time, Everand's collection of fiber optics books is a great starting point for beginners wanting to learn more. Below, we'll be sharing some reading essentials for beginners in fiber optics:

Networking All-in-One for Dummies

No doubt a familiar title in the list, the "for Dummies" books are straightforward guides on a range of topics for beginners. Networking All-in-One is a one-stop resource for all the essential information on networks and Internet connectivity. While not necessarily focused on fiber optics, it features the latest in broadband technologies, storage, backup procedures, and other networking trends. The book acts as a guide for building a network as well as administration and security.

Renowned publishing house Wiley & Sons, responsible for the many "for Dummies" guidebooks throughout the years, recently expressed interest in artificial intelligence. The publishing company saw rapid stock growth after announcing its partnership with an unnamed "large tech company." The company described the development as one leveraging its authoritative content to help train AI and machine learning models. So, while not necessarily a guide to the latest on fiber optics, the book is a great place to start for beginners looking to learn more about establishing Internet or broadband connections.

Fiber Optic Cabling

Once you've learned all you can about networking and broadband, you can check out Fiber Optic Cabling from writers Barry Elliott and Mike Gilmore. This book is considered essential reading for those involved in fiber optic cable applications, from installation engineers to IT professionals. The book is a practical guide to the various aspects involved in designing, specifying, and installing systems for LANs and other data communications applications.

The book also covers newer trends and developments in the industry, including photonic switching, wavelength division multiplexing, and plastic fiber, and their implications for the future. The details covered in this book are no surprise, having been written by qualified professionals. Barry Elliott writes from twenty years of experience in telecommunications, while Mike Gilmore established The Cabling Partnership in 1991, a leading cabling design consulting and training organization.

Introduction to Fiber Optics

Finally, a great middle ground between the "for Dummies" recommendation and Fiber Optic Cabling is Introduction to Fiber Optics. The book is well-established as the perfect introductory text for all knowledge and experience levels in the topic, from engineers to managers and students. It's recommended for a range of roles, from systems designers to installation engineers to electronic engineers to readers looking to expand their knowledge of fiber optics.

The book acts like a textbook and requires minimal math knowledge, along with review questions included in the text to check your understanding as you follow along the book. By reading this Introduction to Fiber Optics, you'll be more equipped with the fundamentals required for more advanced topics in the industry.

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July 02, 2024 by Luis Cardenas
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