CableONE will offer Gigabit Internet to 1.5 million homes

CableONE recently announced that next year it will launch GigaONE, the company’s new Gigabit service, in more than 200 cities and towns across the United States.

November 16, 2015 by

Asia stands out with a 35% growth in FTTH

According to Wire and Cable news, Asian telecoms released new data, revealing that more than 300 million business and homes across Asia-Pacific now have access to fiber services a 35% growth.

July 29, 2015 by

Why Apple and Samsung are killing the SIM card

The Financial Times reported a few days ago that Apple and Samsung are working together to eliminated the SIM Card from Earth, they are already in talks with the GSMA who is considering the change.

Obama wants faster internet for you

“The Internet is not a luxury, it is a necessity” with that phrase Obama labeled the project ConnectHome, a way to deliver internet to every american home, few people can imagine that one of four people in the U.S. don’t have internet access at home.

AT&T Pays $100 Million for slowing unlimited data

The fine is one of the biggest in history, the decision made by The Federal Communications Commission because they, apparently, found out that AT&T throttled net speed for users who are using a particular amount of data, perceiving a real speed down.

Comcast is offering a fiber connection up to 2Gb/s

Comcast is now offering an internet fiber connection that is twice as fast as Google Fiber. But, is expensive, like really expensive, via Wired...

Possible negotiations between Carriers and Netflix in Spain

Movistar+ is the new platform of TV in Spain. The thing is huge. It has the contract of the next season for LaLiga. Exclusive channels and a partnership with Canal+. So, what Vodafone and Orange have to do to catch up? They need to sign a deal with Netflix (Sounds similar?), and do it quickly to stop the almighty Movistar.