Fiber optic cables were severed by attackers in San Francisco area

Someone intentionally cut two AT&T cables in Livermore, a California suburb located in the San Francisco Bay Area, on Monday night. The latest of 14 attacks against California’s Internet privately run backbone since last summer.

September 16, 2015 by

A 3,400 miles fiber optic network will be built in Kentucky

The construction will start this year and is planned to be finished by the middle of 2016 in eastern Kentucky, and eventually it will reach all 120 counties of the state. State and private officials revealed the project will cost about 324 million $. 

Alcatel-Lucent completed 3700 miles of submarine cable from US to Ecuador

The undersea cables subsidiary of Alcatel-Lucent, ASN, has completed the commissioning of the Pacific Caribbean Cable System (PCCS), an almost 3700 miles undersea cable linking US to Ecuador


Huawei building almost 2.500 miles of fiber optic to Equatorial Guinea

Huawei will build almost 2.500 miles of fiber optic cable in Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the project will take two years and will bring high-speed Internet access to most of the people in the African country


AT&T is bringing 1Gbps FTTH to Durham, NC

The lack of wireline facilities in Durham means AT&T has to build its FTTH infrastructure from zero. The Ma-Bell company is offering this service as part of The North Carolina Next Generation Network.

Hundreds of Cities have Pledged to High Speed Internet

The US has a huge and complicated internet speed problem. Its broadband infrastructure is woefully behind in speed and price compared to a lot of other countries. That's why a lot of people are sort of crowdfunding high speed fiber internet all over America...


New York City network infrastructure expanded

Hudson Fiber Network (HFN) has finished the installation of a bulk cable throughout Manhattan. New York City’s major commercial buildings and data center will have access to a new fiber service source...