Canada rules larger telecoms to share infrastructure to small telecom

Canada wants the big guys to play nice with the new guys, so the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled that upstart internet providers can use infrastructure installed by their larger competitors.

AT&T is bringing 1Gbps FTTH to Durham, NC

The lack of wireline facilities in Durham means AT&T has to build its FTTH infrastructure from zero. The Ma-Bell company is offering this service as part of The North Carolina Next Generation Network.

Facebook wants you to buy all inside it.

Facebook is a great form to show and share your interests, now its mission is that you do your shopping on it, and of course they expect you to share your last internet purchase.

July 17, 2015 by

Hundreds of Cities have Pledged to High Speed Internet

The US has a huge and complicated internet speed problem. Its broadband infrastructure is woefully behind in speed and price compared to a lot of other countries. That's why a lot of people are sort of crowdfunding high speed fiber internet all over America...