Canada rules larger telecoms to share infrastructure to small telecom

Canada wants the big guys to play nice with the new guys, so the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission ruled that upstart internet providers can use infrastructure installed by their larger competitors.

At a time when users requires more Internet speed for they streaming services, small or large companies networks and a better broadband service, this new may create brand new business in the country, startups who can offer good quality of service thanks to the fiber of companies like TekSavvy, Distributel, Auracom.

The logical question for this firms will be: If they are forcing us to let our competitors use our fiber and data centers, why would we invest in more infrastructure or upgrades?

But the CRTC also considered this , so they allowed the big telecoms to charge a 10 % markup for access to infrastructure and their they are not forced to reconfigure their networks at the will of the competitors.

"Requiring these companies to provide access to their networks will lead to more opportunities for competition in retail internet services and better serve consumers," said CRTC Chairman,  Konrad von Finckenstein.

One of the big question remaining is: Does the rule will apply to google fiber services once it reaches the British Columbia? Google is obviously a large company so it will not benefit from this but some startup may build their way up thanks to the possibilities of Google’s infrastructure.


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