Why Apple and Samsung are killing the SIM card

The Financial Times reported a few days ago that Apple and Samsung are working together to eliminated the SIM Card from Earth, they are already in talks with the GSMA who is considering the change.

The new partners-in-business wants a “common architecture” that would be translate in a Electronic SIM Card, this means that you be able to switch carriers without the process of switching the SIM card.

This seems like a good thing, customers often complaints about the tedious process of changing from a carrier to carrier but as The Economist explained:

Operators would lose control of the market, but Apple and other device-makers might gain it. They would, if regulators let them, be able to choose which operators appeared on the menu when buyers of their phones and tablets were setting them up. The risk would then be that the SIM card’s demise leads to less choice, and higher prices for users.”

This technologies won’t be implemented until 2016 and the GSMA have not made an official estimate about where the E-SIM will enter to the market to replace the classic SIM card.

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