Scientist discovered massless particles that will change electronics

The Weyl fermion is the first massless particle, this particle behave as both matter and anti-matter inside a crystal, making possible to create electrons that have no mass this discovery comes after 85 years of searching.

We have the perception that the Universe is made up of atoms, but science has go deeper into the quantum realm and we know that is actually made up of fermions and bosons.

Fermions are the bricks of all matter, this including electrons, in which we base our today’s electronic. Bosons are the things that carry force, such as photons.

Princeton University’s lead researcher and physicist M. Zahid Hasan told IBTimes: ”Weyl fermions could be used to solve the traffic jams that you get with electrons in electronics - they can move in a much more efficient, ordered way than electrons”. This opens the opportunity for new technologies to be develop .

In a press release Hasan explained that Weyl fermion was found in a synthetic cyrstal in the lab, so the discovery is easily reproducible, unlike the well known Higgs boson, which are only observed in the aftermath of particle collisions.

“These are very fast electrons that behave like unidirectional light beams and can be used for new types of quantum computing."  Said the physicist.

Source: ScienceAlert

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