Huawei building almost 2.500 miles of fiber optic to Equatorial Guinea

Huawei will build almost 2.500 miles of fiber optic cable in Republic of Equatorial Guinea, the project will take two years and will bring high-speed Internet access to most of the people in the African country.

"The development of a robust telecommunications infrastructure is vital to the future of Equatorial Guinea," Declared Guinea Ministry of Transport head Olo Bahamonde.

The cost of the project is US$238 million, with Guinea becoming the first country in West Africa to have such extensive Internet coverage.

"It is our privilege to support the government of Equatorial Guinea by enhancing their international connectivity though the latest high-speed submarine cable infrastructure," Manifested Huawei Marine Networks executive Mike Constable. "Huawei Marine's leading-edge solutions continue to be the preferred choice of governments, carriers and private sector partners providing critical telecommunications solutions and value to regions around the world."


You can check Huawei's submarine cable map here.

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