Comcast is offering a fiber connection up to 2Gb/s

Comcast is now offering an internet fiber connection that is twice as fast as Google Fiber. But, is expensive, like really expensive, via Wired.

Just a reminder, Google Fiber in Kansas City only cost US$70 monthly.

The Gigabit Pro page says the service should be available within one-third of a mile of Comcast’s existing fiber network, but also includes a list of specific cities in which it should soon be available.

Many of the cities are ones that either already have, or are expected to soon have, gigabit internet connections—including Chattanooga, Tennessee; Atlanta, Georgia; and the San Francisco Bay Area—suggesting that pressure from Google Fiber and other competitors may finally be forcing Comcast to enter to the gigabit market.

The number of cities around the country that already have gigabit fiber Internet services available has steadily increased in the past year. Google has announced several new cities for its Google Fiber initiative, CenturyLink has slowed rolled out service to select neighborhoods in several cities, and local initiatives have challenged telcos head-on.

Source: Xfinity

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