CableONE will offer Gigabit Internet to 1.5 million homes

CableONE recently announced that next year it will launch GigaONE, the company’s new Gigabit service, in more than 200 cities and towns across the United States. The service will be available in Altus, Duncan, Borger, Emporia, Bisbee, Cottonwood and McCall residential areas by the first quarter of 2015.

"GigaONE will support the technology needs of the communities we serve, now and in the future," said Joe Felbab, Vice President of Marketing for CableONE. "We are excited to be able to offer Gigabit service to nearly 1.5 million homes in the markets we serve."

The new service will be provided over existing hybrid fiber-coax network. With a speed 40 times faster than the fastest one the ISP currently offers, customers will be able to download an HD movie in 60 seconds, 100 songs in 4 seconds or a videogame in 29 seconds.

Over the past five years, CableONE has invested 500 million dollars in optical fiber deployments in order to upgrade and improve their network and to make it possible to offer the latest technology and fastest speeds.

North Dakota Congressman Kavin Cramer said that access to high-speed Internet will let people from the benefit cities to take advantage of new educational, medical and economic opportunities.

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Source: The Daily Leader.

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