Possible negotiations between Carriers and Netflix in Spain

Movistar+ is the new platform of TV in Spain. The thing is huge. It has the contract of the next season for LaLiga. Exclusive channels and a partnership with Canal+. So, what Vodafone and Orange have to do to catch up? They need to sign a deal with Netflix (Sounds similar?), and do it quickly to stop the almighty Movistar. 

Last week, Movistar showed the new Movistar+. A package with soccer, movies and series for 30US$, 80 channels and lots of more. But, where is the online content? This is where Movistar showed their cards with the Canal+ alliance and have the Yomvi Platform, over 5000 movies, shows, sports and documentaries.

Although for monopoly issues. Telefonica must offer to the other companies a half of the content, is important for the other companies like Vodafone and Orange to show something different, something huge to fight, something like Netflix. And according to the eleconomista.es this is the way they are going.

Sources say that Vodafone and Orange are going to negotiate with the big streaming machine from America, hope this brings good news to all the customers over Europe and particularly Spain. We believe that every agreement that is in the pursue of a better service for the users is great and we hope this is the case with the new deals in broadband and TV services in Spain.

Source: ADSL Zone

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