Brazil wants to expand their fiber optics networks

The Brazilian government wants to have fiber optic technology in 90% of the country’s cities. The average Internet speed in the South American country has gone up by 11% in the second quarter of 2014 reaching 2.9Mbps.

About this topic the secretary of the Ministry of Communications, Maximiliano Martinhão, declared that the project is part of the National Broadband Plan, but it has not been specified how long the project might take to be completed.

Right now just 4% of Brazilian cities has a good of fiber optic services, Martinhão said that they should initially focus on expanding the existing networks.

"Doubling the average Internet speed could add 0.3 percentage points to the GDP. Increasing the average speed by five-fold can increase the average monthly household income up to 5.7 percent," Martinhão explained.

Brazil represents a 47.3% of South America territory, with 8,515,767  km2  and 85 cities where 8 of each 10 brazilian lives.

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