Cox Communications not happy about Google Fiber reaching Tempe. AZ

The Google’s FTTH program may arrive to Tempe, Arizona, as the city hopes for a potential launch, with the city council giving to the search-engine giant full approval to construct a fiber optic network.

This doesn’t mean Temple will actually get Google Fiber, it means that Temple is now in the “Google Fiber ready” checklist, with all the necessary paperwork ready for fiber deployment in the area.

Tempe Mayor, Mark Mitchell pronounced about what Google Fiber program may mean: "Tempe is a city for innovative people. With the possible addition of Google Fiber, is about to become even more attractive”

But is not all happiness in Tempe, ISP Cox Communications, who currently provides Gig-level Internet speed, declared in a press release:

"It’s unfortunate that the Tempe City Council is willing to favor a new entrant into the market, and in doing so appears to have violated federal and state law.  The waivers granted by the City also give Google Fiber a free pass on obligations that affect public safety – such as emergency alert messaging – and protection of subscriber privacy. We are confident the residents and businesses of Tempe share our concerns with these waivers."
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