We are launching a new DAC Series!

Beyondtech is very proud and excited to announce its brand new Series of SFP DAC Cabling with the launch of our 10G SFP+ Direct Attach Cable (DAC): a high-performance, cost-effective and versatile solution for network applications.

Built with first-class manufacturers, our DAC Cable comes with 10G SFP+ to 10G SFP+ adapters on both ends. It has also been made with #30 AWG, a small diameter cable design that offers convenient flexibility when it comes to handling its installation and usage.

This configuration also makes our DAC more efficient and durable than regular Fiber Patch Cords, enabling the user to set up a firmer - and hence more robust- connection between his devices.

Versatility was one of our guiding principles throughout the design of this product, so our DAC was built following the SFF-8431, SFF-8432 and SFF-8472 specifications, which makes it compatible with a vast number of devices made by the most reputable brands in switches, routers and networks servers. In a nutshell, if you already have hardware from other manufacturers, you can definitely use our product.

Moreover, our DAC is also way less expensive than those of other brands’, meaning that in the end not only you have a top-notch alternative at your disposal -it is also more cost-effective!

With the launch of this new Series, Beyondtech brings its well-earned reputation and expertise in Telecom into the field of DAC’s, elements that have recently come to the foreground and gained popularity in networking thanks to their ability to facilitate communication between routers and switches.

At Beyondtech, we are sure that the launch of this new series will help us consolidate our prestigious standing in the business of designing, building and delivering Fiber Optics while strengthening our current portfolio of products.

We really hope you can join us in this new venture!

You can find our product here.

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