Fiber optics applications to Internet of things

Imagine you are driving home and you receive an alert from your refrigerator telling you to pick up some eggs because you don’t have enough for tomorrow’s breakfast. Or your call warning you tire pressure is low and the places you could go to solve that problem. Or waking up and that your coffee is done because your clock told the coffeemaker it was time to do it. All those things will be possible thanks to the Internet of Things.
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Beyondtech launches the first of a series of free publications

In order to show our commitment with the telecommunication field and people who works or is looking forward to work at it, Beyondtech decided to launch a series of publications related with optical fiber technical procedures, to help apprentices and aficionados to improve their techniques and learn everything they can about this amazing topic.

5 easy ways to cool your data center

how to cool a data center

When a data center faces cooling issues, performance issues happen too, such as hardware failure or spontaneous rebooting. Although keeping the data center cool is essential in order to keep everything in place with an outstanding performance, it isn’t an easy task because processors have a lot of heat energy and they are constantly pumping it out in a small space.

Severing cables vandals outsmart FBI

The last one of a string of optical fiber cuts in California happened in September 16, 2015. To that date, USA Today reported 14 attacks against the Sunny State Internet privately run backbone occurred, though we could only confirm 12 of them. Either way, it became obvious someone was deliberately trying to shut down communications, but the questions were who and why?

DIY: Optical fiber illumination

We are going to show you how to connect optical fibers directly to LEDs and sensors, to use it with illumination purposes or “light painting pictures”, following the steps written by Forrest M. Mims III, amateur scientist, in Make Magazine.
January 11, 2016 by

Optical fiber applications in CCTV systems

CCTV consists in the installation of cameras on strategical places and the observation of transmitted images in monitors that could be anywhere from 3ft to 600ft away. It is an important part of almost every security system since it is used to watch over high-secure facilities or monitoring traffic, therefore camera links need to be difficult to tap and immune to any electrical interference.

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Apple could use woven optical fiber displays for its next products

Apple may be working on weaving optical fiber cables into fabrics for them to act as a simple way to show basic information, according to 9to5Mac. This means light traveling inside the fiber cables is going to shine through the gaps of the fabric fiber is woven into.

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Christmas gifts ideas for optical fiber technicians

Do you know optical fiber technicians and have no idea of what to give them this Christmas? Technicians always need tools, so we decided to help you by listing the best instruments anyone who calls themselves “optical fiber specialist” could wish.

Top 5: Optical fiber gift ideas

If you want be the best Christmas gift giver ever, you should consider surprising your loved ones with these incredible optical fiber shiny presents.

Top 5: Star Wars tech that could have worked with optical fiber

In a galaxy far, far away technologies that were ahead of its time that inspired kids to become scientist or engineers in order to create the amazing gadgets they watched in the movies. Some of the devices already exist, others are being developed and, though in varying degrees, optical fiber has played a role on their creation.