Christmas gifts ideas for optical fiber technicians

Do you know optical fiber technicians and have no idea of what to give them this Christmas? Technicians always need tools, so we decided to help you by listing the best instruments anyone who calls themselves “optical fiber specialist” could wish. You need to look no more, just keep reading.


When it comes to cleavers, the Fujikura AFL CT-06 is highly recommended because it provides high quality cleaving at an economical price. Designed for cleaving single fibers, this cleaver’s blade can make over 48 thousand cleaves. The Sumitomo FC-7Cleaver is highly recommended because it fits in the palm of a hand which makes it easy to take to any location.


Technicians use strippers to remove optical fiber jackets, buffers and any other protective layers. The thing is that they need to do it carefully and using the right tool to avoid scratching the fiber or causing any damage.  No-Nik, Micro-Strip and Miller strippers are the most commonly used due to their high-quality.


Kevlar cutting scissors

These super-sharp scissors are used to cut the aramid yarns, which absorb the tension needed to pull the cable.  T865 Kevlar cutting shears have carbon steel serrated blades and padded handles with a return spring, allowing users to easily cut the aramid thread. 

Beyondtech connectors pack

Beyondtech manufactures an extensive variety of epoxy fiber connectors that can be used in different applications. They comply with TIA and IEC specifications and RoSH restrictions. Beyondtech 10 connectors’ packs are available in ST/APC, ST/UPC, SC/APC and SC/UPC and they come with standard boots suitable for 900µm, 2mm or 3mm cable diameters. 


Visual fault locator

These tools are used to trace for troubles in multimode fibers, by injecting light into the cables to check in order to find splices or do continuity checks. MX 2186 visual fault locator is recommended because it has a small pen-like shape and a really light weight. And is designed with an ST, FC, SC universal adapter is able to find damages up to 10 km of an optical fiber cable.


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