400Gb needs to be the norm in data centers

Nowadays as demands continue to grow significantly, Data centers are not equipped to guarantee performance in terms of bandwidth. What Data Center industry needs is to find a way to bolster connectivity.

Fiber is being expanded more than ever before, which make this need Increasingly necessary. The amount of information moving between this machines in data centers is much bigger than what is actually stored. What we have to be paying attention to is in improving the M2M communication.   

At the present time, 100G is the maximum for data center managers looking to the future. 


1 and 10G are not longer being used and they have being replaced by 25 or 40G networks, but this is still not enough to satisfy the needs of this market. To reach the goal we are looking for, to have a greater bandwidth. It is necessary to pay attention to the data center itself.

Long Lasting bandwidth

Digital tendencies are always changing, Big Data, Streaming etc, this trends are putting an extra pressure on the data center industry, data is being moved too many different places right now and our current infrastructure is just not designed to support these quantities of information.

The launches of many apps and games such as Pokemon GO has proof that the M2M needs to be check and improve. At the beginning of this year this, the Pokemon game app appeared to shut down some of the U.S.-based mega data centers, including a Google facility. Connectivity was lost because there was an unprecedented 25% increase in load coming through to the data centers.

Cisco has made a recent research and found out that 76% of internet traffic travels from machine to machine, inside the data center, that means East- West. Against ‘North-South’ traffic moving between the data center and the end-user, or between data centers, equates to only 17% of the total volume.digital-tendencies

Advancing cabling standards

To be able to handle this potentially and non-stop growing of traffic in data centers, we must migrate to an upgrade to 400G through a fiber.

At least half of the capital expense of single-mode used to have certain restrictions to certain bandwidths and could not deliver in terms of growth capacity.

Although, new technologies and cabling developments and multimode fiber OM5 cabling have ensured that the growth of this technology’s path will now support increasing traffic and the journey to 400G.

This is a very important event for the data center industry in promoting the importance of future-proofing and long lasting bandwidth.

Original Article from: The Stack

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