Take a close look into Google’s Finnish data center

Google invested $1 billion USD to recover a 1950’s former paper mill located in Hamina, Finland and built a data center that started working on early 2015. Efforts for improving technologies in order to save power costs and go green, ended up with servers cooled with seawater from the Baltic Sea and powered with wind energy.

And on top of that, there is a sauna room located feet away from the facilities that employees can use anytime they want. Like any other Google data center, it is hard to look at the pictures and not to wish to work there. 

Hamina is one of Google’s European data centers. The infrastructure used to be Stora Enso paper mill

Cool air gets into the room through the floor. Plastic walls keep the cold air inside and avoid hot air to get in

Blue lights indicate servers are working properly

This is one of Hamina’s Data Center conference room. It is located next to a sauna area employees can use anytime they want

Google uses the former paper mill old structure. These tanks were once used in the paper manufacturing process.



Colored pipes carry water. Three Google’s data center work with unprocessed water because it is much easier to use alternative sources and clean water just as it is needed for it to cool the servers

These kind of panels prepare the control center of computer rooms’ air conditioners

Butterfly valves are used to moderate water and air flow

This is one of the data center’s cooling plant. Water from the Gulf of Finland refrigerates the facilities

Server plants require a lot of space and energy efficiency for it to be possible to offer all Google products to the world

Source Photography: Google Datacenters 

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