Choosing a new telephone system for your company

Regardless of the size, this can be an intimidating process due to the variety of options available.
Business accomplishment depends on keeping overheads low whilst maintaining a cost effective and reliable communication service so your business can succeed. Telephone system joined with a fast Internet connection is and will always be a must, because they are responsible for the priority communication tools needed to effectively sell your products: email, social media, web-surfing and multi-functional business phone.

But before you even look at a system you need to define your business needs:

  • How many users does it need to support?
  • What is the anticipated growth over the next five years?
  • Average call rate over a month?
  • How many lines do you need and will you need more over the next five years?
  • Do you use/ need fibre broadband and are you happy with the connection speed?
  • What do you like /dislike about your current system?
  • Do you need an automated greeting message or do you have a receptionist?
  • What features would make your operation run more efficiently? (Individual user voice mail, caller ID, conference calling, easier call transfer, call monitoring, user visibility)
  • What kind of service back up would you like?
  • Does your business occupy more than one site and do you want both sites running from the same system?
  • What are you currently paying for your system, line charges and calls? Do you need to reduce the monthly charges?

Once you have a clearer idea of your needs and budget then you can start to look at the range of options available: 

  • A smart Hybrid PBX
  • Hosted Internet System

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