A look into Council Bluffs Google data center

Google data center located in Council Bluffs, Iowa opened its doors in 2007 and since then the company has created 300 jobs onsite. Google plans to have invested 2.5 billion dollars in the facility by 2019.

The data center has an area of over 35,000 square meters and it stores data from services like Google Search and Youtube.

Here’s a look at this Google’s Campus:

Inside the networking room, routers and switches transport data between servers and to the outside world. Optical fiber cables are located in the yellow holders close to the ceiling

Optical fiber networks that connect Google’s systems can reach speeds over 200.00 times faster than a LAN Internet connection

Huge steel beams hold the structure and help energy to be distributed

In one of the networking rooms, cool air gets in through the floor. Plastic walls keep the cold air inside and avoid hot air to get in

A Google employee cuts a piece of pipeline to incorporate it to a new refrigeration system

This antenna receives signals from Google’s access service unit, which is provided to numerous homes around the world through optical fiber . These antennas are also the signal source of hundreds of TV channels from Google Fiber TV service

This kind of satellites are the main signal source to hundreds of Google Fiber national TV channels

Wild flowers grow around the data center refrigeration towers

Water storage tanks guarantee the refrigeration of the data center over day and night


Google has security backups stored in streamers

 With information and pictures from: Google.

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