Amazon will open a new data center in South Korea

Amazon Web Services (AWS) will start operating in South Korea in early 2016, when the online retail giant opens a new data center in the Asian country, AWS Chief Evangelist Jeff Barr announced in a blog post.

Barr also wrote that there are several companies ready to pay for AWS in South Korea, from startups and gaming companies to giants like Samsung, SK Planet and SM entertainment. Amazon is expecting to offer services to government agencies, educators and other enterprises too.

The new region, how Amazon calls its data centers, will provide quick connections and low latency to costumers, Barr said. They hope it promotes innovation in areas such as mobile apps and the Internet of Things as well.

Amazon launched AWS back in 2006 and since then it has been aggressively contending companies like IBM and Microsoft. AWS has 11 operational data centers around the world, so this new one will become the 12th one and the fifth one in the Asia Pacific Area. The number will grow when the enterprise opens its new regions in Ohio and India.

Source: Seattle Times.

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