Fiber optic cable will be built between Guantánamo and Florida

The submarine cable system construction will cost 35 million dollars and Xtera Communications, the Texas Firm responsible for the work, expects to turn it on in February 2016.

The 950 mile cable is going to connect U.S. Navy base at Guantánamo Bay, Cuba with Dania Beach Submarine Fiber Optic Cable System, which will expand he base bandwidth that now depends on satellites. And it will increase communications between the base and its headquarters.

According to a 2015 environmental impact study the fiber optic cable doesn’t contain any hazardous materials so it will have an insignificant impact on submarine environment, and it is not a threat for public health of safety.

A spokeman from the Navy told Miami Herald that for the moment, the cable will just improve Guantánamo Communications, and there are not discussions whether or not it will benefit Cuba in the future.

Source: Miami Herald 

September 07, 2015 by
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