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LC Fiber Adapter for Fiber Patch Panel (LGX Footprint) Loaded w/8 LC Duplex OM1/OM2 Multimode - Beyondtech

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LGX Footprint compatible LC Fiber Adapter (OM1-OM2)

  • The Beyondtech LC Fiber Adapter Panel with LGX Footprint in UPC Polish, is Fully Loaded with 8 LC Duplex Adapters for OM1/OM2 Multimode Applications. They are designed for fast and simple deploy and installation in a Fiber Termination Box or Fiber Patch Panel that require a plate full of couplers to get the Job Done.
  • The Beyondtech LGX Duplex Horizontal LC Adapter Plate is designed with a Robust Steel Design, great for Indoor applications, data centers, telecom and security networks.
  • Constructed in Steel with Black Color (RAL 9004) and an Electro Static Powder Coating, is a great fit for a lot of compatible Patch Panels in the Market. With the great fit and precision that a Beyondtech products guarantee.
  • Fully Loaded: All our LGX Plates are pre-loaded with Beyondtech individually tested Multimode Fiber Optics Adapters, and feature a Simple-Snap-in mechanism for an easy-no tool required setting up.
  • The Beyondtech LGX Footprint Fiber Adapter Plate is designed and complies with the last: TIA/EIA 568.C, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, IEC 60304, IEC 61754, EN 297-1

Beyondtech manufactures a wide range of fiber LGX style (Footprint) Adapter plates where precision alignment, high reliability, and reconnectable are the primary concerns.

The plates are fully interchangeable for different applications and different products including wall ODF and Fiber patch panels and boxes.

LGX Plates could be used in a wide range of telecom applications like Data centers, Fiber infrastructure, security boxes among others.

This Duplex Horizontal Multimode LC UPC LGX Adapter Plate is used to mate two LC connectors together mounted in a distribution panel or wall box.

  • Supplied with LC adapters pre-loaded (Lock and Run).
  • Fully Compatible with Duplex Horizontal couplers from Beyondtech.
  • Color of Adapter: Beige (MM)
  • Quantity of installed adapters: 6 Units.
  • Color of plate: Black (RAL9004)
  • Coating Material:Electro Static Powder Coating
  • Ultra Physical Contact (UPC)
  • Multimode
  • Duplex Horizontal
  • Complies with TIA/EIA 568.C, ISO/IEC 11801, EN 50173, IEC 60304, IEC 61754, EN 297-1
  • RoHS compliant

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