FTTH Box Loaded: SC/APC Coupler and SC/APC G657A2 Simplex Cable

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BEYONDTECH FTTH Distribution Box: Elevate Your Fiber Optic Connectivity

Maximize your fiber optic network's efficiency and reliability with the BEYONDTECH FTTH Distribution Box, your premier choice for enhanced fiber to the home (FTTH) installations. This distribution box is not just a component; it's a cornerstone for high-performance connectivity, embodying precision engineering and top-tier materials.

Unmatched Quality and Performance

The BEYONDTECH FTTH Distribution Box comes pre-loaded with a Simplex SC/APC coupler and an SC/APC/SM G657A2 Simplex patch cord. Measuring 0.9mm in diameter and 1.5 meters in length, this setup ensures your network operates at its best, providing high-quality connections that stand the test of time.

Optimized for Durability and Reliability

Crafted for both indoor and outdoor setups, our distribution box is built to withstand various environmental conditions, offering unparalleled durability. Its robust design protects your fiber optic connections, ensuring your network remains operational in any scenario.

Seamless Integration and Easy Installation

The inclusion of a Simplex SC/APC coupler and the SC/APC/SM G657A2 Simplex patch cord allows for hassle-free integration into your current telecom infrastructure. These components are designed for easy installation, enabling a quick and efficient setup process.

Future-Proof Your Network with BEYONDTECH

Choosing the BEYONDTECH FTTH Distribution Box means opting for a future-proof solution. With its bend-insensitive fiber (G657A2), our patch cord excels in environments requiring tight bends and corners, ensuring your network is ready for tomorrow's demands.

Elevate your fiber optic connectivity with BEYONDTECH, and experience a new level of performance and reliability. Our FTTH Distribution Box is your key to unlocking the full potential of your network, providing a solid foundation for high-speed, high-quality digital communications.

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• The Information in this document is correct as of February 20, 2020.