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Fiber Optic Connector SC/PC Simplex Multimode

  • SC/PC Multimode epoxy connectors are specifically designed to produce low insertion loss and back reflection, alongside high preciseness and mechanical constancy.
  • Our male SC / PC connectors have 2.5mm pre-polished zirconia ceramic ferrules with slightly spherical end-faces, that makes them ready to offer superior performance.
  • These connectors comply IEC 61754-4 and TIA 604-3-B, FOCIS-3 intermateability standards and adjust to RoHS environmental needs.
  • Beyondtechrecommends using the adhesive Loctite 648 and the accelerators Loctite 7471 or 7649.
  • SC connector have beige polymer body and (0.9 millimeter or 3mm boots). These connectors style ensures budget terminations.
  • Beyondtech SC/PC multimode connectors are appropriate for fiber integrators that need to terminate they own fiber, why? maybe long lengths or custom patch cables, for supply on their own termination houses or also, custom assemblies that are not available for one-day delivery.
  • For more instructions check out the Guide for Optical Terminationsavailable at our store for free download.

Beyondtech's multimode SC/PC simplex connectors can be attached to cables with the epoxy polish termination method.

Beyondtech Certified

Each connector is individually and tested and certified to be within accurate low insertion loss.

Technical Specs

  • SC.
  • Color: Beige.
  • Physical Contact (PC).
  • Multimode (both 50/125 and 62.5/125).
  • Simplex.
  • Complies with IEC IEC 61754-4, TIA 604-3-B and FOCIS-3.
  • RoHS, REACH SvHC compliant.
  • Operating temperature: (-20°C to +70°C).
  • LAN, WAN, SAN and FTTx applications.
  • (0.9 mm - 3.0mm) options available.

Installation Procedure 

• For additional information please contact your Beyondtech Sales Representative.

• The Information in this document is correct as of February 20, 2020.