Fiber Advanced: The Importance of Cleaning Fiber Optics.

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Fiber Advanced: The Importance of Cleaning Fiber Optics.

At Beyondtech, we do not only pride ourselves in providing excellent Telecom solutions, but we also want to make sure that Telecom professionals like you can make the best use of them. Hence, we aim at creating valuable content consistently, in the form of blog posts -and ebooks! In this ebook, we delve into Fiber Optics cleaning focusing on the following pillars: 

  • The importance of having clean connectors and end-faces in your installations, and the impact of its performance and your budget.
  • Recommended strategies for cleaning Fiber Optics, including the performance of an inspection procedure with the aid of tools and resources.
  • The need for a Cleaning Standard that ensures reliable results.
  • The often overlooked yet extremely efficient process of Wet Cleaning.


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• The Information in this document is correct as of February 01, 2021.